Infrared Slot sensor (5mm)


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Infrared slot sensor module for use with Arduino. 

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Module features:

1. Groove coupler sensor, slot width 5mm.

2. Clean comparator output signal, 15mA output drive (max)

3. Voltage 3.3V - 5V

4. Output status indicator output Low/High (output low - on).

5. Output format: Digital switching output (0 and 1)

6. Fixed 3mm holes for easy installation

7. PCB board size: 3.2cm x 1.4cm

8. Using a wide voltage comparator LM393

Product wiring instructions:

1. VCC positive power supply 3.3-5V

2. GND power supply is negative

3. DO TTL switching signal output

4. AO on this module is not connected


Specific References

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