Fil-X SBS Filament 1.75mm (430Meter/1Kg)


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Styrene Based Filament from Fil-X

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Introducing SBS a new printing material from Fil-X. This revolutionary material, specially formulated to address the issues of 3D printing, is now available to the public right here in sunny South Africa. 

SBS, is a Styrene based plastic that has everything that you’ve been looking for in 3D printing … AND MORE!

For the more technical gurus here is a technical write-up on SBS: Technical stuff

Easy to print - Printing experience and settings is similar to PLA giving printing ability to even the low cost entry level printers.

Higher Temperature grading - Yes now you can print stuff and leave it outside in the sun without worrying that it will deform.

Less Dense – Lower density means you get MORE! With 1 KG SBS you get 100 meters more. (PLA 1 Kg = 330 Mtr – SBS 1Kg = 430Mtr)

Non Hygroscopic – Will not take on water, NO MORE BAGS and silicone. It will not be necessary to reseal to protect from water. **We do however recommend protecting it from dust to prevent your nozzle from blocking. 

Impact resistant – Slight flexibility.  The flex is just enough to make sure its not brittle but still safe to print with a Bowden tube.

Not Brittle – Since it does not collect moisture it will not get brittle. Never arrive at your printer again with a broken strand, always just ready to print. 

Non Fading Vibrant Colors – High grade color pigment is used in the manufacturing. Color is more resistant to fading and washing than most filaments.

Recyclable – Filament is fully recyclable under code-6 and thus poses no threat to the environment. 

Wide Temperature spec. – Can be printed as low as 195 DegC and as high as 250 DegC. The faster you want to print the hotter you make it. It is therefore ideal printing material to print at speeds beyond 200m/s without have to use special heaters.

Locally made – SBS is manufactured right here in Cape Town (South Africa)

Printing recommendations for optimal results:

NOTE: These are the optimal settings on our setup. Due to the large variety of printers and setups your setup might vary.

This is the printer setup we have used:

  • Cartesian XY,
  • Non-Enclosed
  • Single lifting meganism on Z axis
  • Heated Bed
  • Geared extruder
  • 60mm/s print speed.
  • 0.5mm Nozzle
  • GLASS BED with our Fiesta Hairspray does give impressive bed adhesion (@65DegC and 230 first layer)

Slicer Settings

  • Heated bed @ 60..70 DegC (too hot will cause warping)
  • Nozzle temperature: First/Second Layer: 230DegC Rest of print 205..215DegC depending on speed - 60mm/s is nominal
  • 80% outer layer speed
  • 120% infill speed

That's pretty much it! For the best results on your machine fine-tuning can be done with a temperature tower.

… Small sample rolls can be supplied at R99 for 100Mtr spool. 


Specific References

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