TP4056 Lithium Battery Charger 5V with micro USB


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Lithium Battery Charger

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The TP4056 is a complete constant-current/constant-voltage linear charger for single cell lithium-ion batteries.

The charge voltage is fixed at 4.2V, and the charge current can be programmed externally with a single resistor.

The TP4056 automatically terminates the charge cycle when the charge current drops to 1/10th the programmed value after the final float voltage is reached.

This board includes a TP4056 IC, with the appropriate resistor to provide a set current of 1A. The board supports an input from Mini/Micro USB, or 5V DC, and provides visual feedback from LED’s of charge status.

You can safely charge lithium cells in 3 stages with this module, up to a max voltage of 4.2v. Our boards are tested in advance, to ensure the charging and fully charged LED’s are installed correctly (a common issue most vendors overlook).


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