2060 PG20 T-Slot Aluminium Profile 2.8Meter (R156.20/mtr ex VAT)


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2.8Meter 20mm x 20mm T-Slot Profile @ R156.20/Mtr ex VAT

To Cut specific lengths, Email Cut sheet to info@nextd.co.za Allow up-to 48Hours for Cutting. Cutting accuracy is +-500micron. 

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This product is an aluminum strut profile, with a standard build. The dimensions of this profile is 20 millimeters by xx millimeters, with xx slots. Therefore it’s ideal for light constructions, such as building stands and laboratory fixtures. These profiles make up the biggest part of most constructions, being used to build the frame and the base that other elements are added to or branch off of. Finally, along the sides of the profile are t slots – which are used to connect various elements to the profiles.


Specific References

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