LogicGreen's Arduino Nano Alternative (32Mhz)

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LGT8F328P LQFP32 - Alternative to Arduino Nano V3.0 with Atmel ATMEGA328 

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Compatible boards usually use Microphip microcontrollers, but just like GD32 cloning STM32, some companies are making MCU clones, usually with some improvements. LogicGreen's LGT8F328P microcontrollers are designed with ATMega328P microcontrollers and add functions such as DAC output, PWM specific functions, computational accelerator (DSC). The clock speed of the MCU is also double (32 MHz).

You will be happily surprised to find that this device is significantly better priced and you code will be compatible running on this cpu.

Included the following 2 lines in your code to make sure that the timing is the same as the standard ATMEL328

#include <AVR/Power.h>          // << Include in your in the top include section

clock_prescale_set(clock_div_1);  // << Inclide in your Setup Funcion to setup the LGT8F CPU with 16Mhz Clock.

To find out more click >>HERE<<

Also watch this Video: >>YOUTUBE<<

8 Items

Specific References

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