6-in-1 USB to RS485 and RS232 Serial Adapter

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CP2102 USB to UART Multifunctional (USB - TTL/RS485/232) Serial Adapter

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ONE Multifunctional Convert interface module:
USB to 232
USB to 485
TTL to 232
TTL to 485
232 to 485


3.3V and +5 V Compatibility: This product perfectly supports 3.3V. 

Power Output: This module can be powered through to the microcontroller system to facilitate debugging. 5V-500mA or 3.3V-100mA.

Overcurrent protection : Onboard resettable fuse , even if the positive and negative short-circuit will not damage the circuit board or computer. If there is a short circuit or current exceeds 500mA , the fuse will automatically disconnect , to be short-circuited fuse circuit to restore non- normal . Effectively protect the security of your computer.

Transceiver indicator : When the serial line to send or receive data lines , the board will receive indicator lights for easy debugging.

TTL level interface : Can be directly connected microcontroller or other embedded devices, such as 51, STC, AVR, ARM, FPGA , etc., without conversion.

RS232 level interface : Connect a computer or Rs232 level serial devices.

RS485 level interface : Automatic send and receive control without transceiver control line , the default receiving state , to send status line when sending data .

High-speed communications : baud rate up to 2Mbps.

DTR, RTS signals: serial module leads the DTR, RTS signal is versatile, supporting MSP430 microcontroller BSL downloads.

2 Items

Specific References

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