NDE3DFlex Double sided PEI powder coated flexible print surface 200mmx300mm


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NDE3DFlex Double sided PEI powder coated flexible print surface

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NDE3DFlex Build Plate - Double sided PEI powder coated flexible print surface 
The DFlex build plate allows you the option of having two print surfaces on one build plate. Made from heavy gauge flexible steel.
One MAJOR advantage of using this print plate is that a low cost inductive sensor can be used for auto bed leveling with very accurate results!
Side one is PEI powder coated. The Powder coating gives the surface a distinct textured look that will be visible on your prints. 
Double Sided: Textured on one side and smooth PEI on second side. Both Sides can be used for printing.
Includes sheet magnet with adhesive backing.
Size: 200x300mm
To use:
Remove any current print surfaces and clean your print bed with Isopropyl Alcohol before sticking the magnet base.
Apply the included magnet to your print bed and smooth out any air bubbles. 
Place the NDE3DFlex plate on the magnet and calibrate your initial Z height
WARNING: Never clean the Textured PEI Powder-coated spring steel sheet with acetone! Doing so will create microfractures in the PEI texture, which will make the surface deteriorate over time. 

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