128x64 Graphic Display - White on Blue with back-lid (5V)


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Graphic Display 12864 White on Blue - 5V

This is a framed type LCD graphical 128x64 with LED backlight.ST7920 controller type LCD with a simple command interface. This display utilises the unofficial 12864 Arduino library with the ST7920 chip, making it a great choice for almost any Arduino Board project. The LCD offers White text on a blue LED backlit background, with pins that support parallel and serial interface. It operates on both 5V and 3V, with an integrated contrast adjustment software control.

Quick Spec:

Backlight: Blue

View Area: 128 x 64

Operating Voltage: 5V / 3.3V Ready

Arduino Library Support: 12864 (Unofficial)

Integrated LCD Driver: ST7920

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