Laser Module 5500mW With Controller board.


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5500mWatt Laser Diode Module 

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5500mW 445nm blue laser module, designed with longer heat sink shell which make sure a better heat dissipation performance is suitable for EleksMaker® laser engraver, and also other engraver that ensures XH2.54 2P+2P interface and DC 12V input voltage. 5500mW Variable focus laser module can engrave and *cut. (* See list)
  • Heatsink Material: Aluminum
  • Section Size: 40mm x 40mm
  • Cooling Mode: Heat Sink Grooves, Forced Air with Cooling Fan
  • Dimension: 95 x 40 x 40mm 
 Can Engrave/Cut: MDF/Balsa/Paper/Wood/Fabric/Plastic/Leather/Plywood/Foam Paper/Anodized Aluminum
 Can Not Engrave/Cut: Glass/Stone/Ceramics/Stainless Steel/Reflective Material/ Transparent Material
 Technical Parameters
 Laser Power: 5500mW
 Laser Wavelength: 445nm (Blue) 
 Beam Shape: Dot (Focusable)
 Power Supply: DC 12V
 TTL/PWM Modulation: YES
 Input Interface: 2.54-2P+2P
 Drive Mode: CAD Controller, GRBL 
1. New series of laser modules, exquisite workmanship and nice appearance.
2. 445nm 5500mW focusable blue laser module, with TTL/PWM functions.
3. Aircraft aluminum heatsink with cooling fan ensure long working time continuously.
4. Equipped with constant-current driver board ensure stable output optical power, low heat no external driver board needed, easy to use.
5. 2pin plug, JST XH2.54 2P+2P input interface, TTL/PWM drive mode, suitable for laser engraving machine equipment usage.
* This module can be compatible with TTL and PWM modulation while TTL can control the switch on/off and PWM can control the adjustment of laser power.
Protective Lens Cleaning Method:
1. Prepare cotton swab and lens cloth.
2. Wrap one or two layers of lens cloth around the head of the swab and dip a small amount of water of cleaning agent in the head.
3. Use the cotton swab head wrapped in the cleaning cloth to gently press the protective lens and wipe the area back and forth until the lens is clean.
1. Never engrave mirror metal, otherwise the reflected light will damage the laser.
2. Please wear laser goggles during usage, avoid to touch the laser directly to the eyes and skin! Keep away from children and pets.
3. Usually used for EleksMaker® laser machine, 2 pins connector cable is needed to connect to the EleksMaker Board. This item will come with the cable, and the cable from your A3 machine is also suitable.
4. Note that the laser module works less than half an hour in one time, and please wait until it has cooled down before continuing the work.
5. The product has been installed the protective lens. It can be cleaned by yourself. Please avoid the lens be dirtied by smoke when you carve the surface of producing smoke. If this happened, please clean the lens with lens cloth or lens paper.
Package Included:
1 x 5500mW Blue Laser Module
1 x Power Adapter (Power) 2pin JST XH2.54
1 x PWM Adapter (Output Power Control) 2Pin JST XH2.54
1 x Constant Current Controller Board (Installed)

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