5W PAM8406 Class-D Amplifier Board


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5Wx2 PAM8406 Class-D Amplifier Board Volume Potentiometer Stereo Noiseless Power Amplifier

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 1. Ultra micro volume: 23*24MM

2. Excellent noise suppression.

3. Double channel stereo, 5V power supply can output 5W+5W power, can directly drive the 4 Omega, 8 Omega small sound box, the output power is big, the energy is full, the sound quality is good, with the volume adjustment of the right and left channel.

4. The unique D type digital power plate without LC filter can be directly powered by the USB of the computer.

5. Double panel wiring, properly solves the ground potential balance caused by wiring and inter channel cross talk.

6. The ultra micro design can be easily placed in the small space of various digital products, and the amplification efficiency is super high.

7. The whole board is welded by machine. The welding quality is comparable to that of the manual soldering iron.

8. Rated working voltage is 2.5-5V, the limit working voltage is 5.5V.

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1 x PAM8406 Digital Amplifier Board


Specific References

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